Thanks to our UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drone we are capable of effective low level as well as high level flybys. For reference, watch shots above fields in our video gallery. Flight performance of the drone has advantages and disadvantages. Sound advantage is already mentioned capability of low altitude flight. Another great advantage is size of the vehicle, which is tiny in comparison with full size helicopter. Thanks to that, octocopter could reach most of poorly accessible locations. Another important quality is economical demandingness, which is insignificant in comparison with helicopter. Only disadvantage are limitations caused by weather. For best results it is necessary to fly in windless conditions.

We build our eight rotor drone for difficult shooting in poorly accessible terrain with heavier film cameras like RED, EOS etc. Carbon construction with eight powerful engines gives our crew sufficient reserve for heavier loading capacity.

Part of our equipment is also a Groundstation. It is a technical support for pilot as well as for camera operator. The Groundstation contains video-signal receiver, camera watch monitor with HDMI output, power supply with sockets ready to supply RC systems, laptops, cameras and other electronic devices. Station also includes spare parts and tools for repairs and maintenance.

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